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Estimated Local Fan Base: Gigmor Exclusive

We are super excited to announce the arrival of a new tool that will help both the artist and talent seekers during the booking process, Gigmor’s Estimated Local Fan Base

It’s designed to see artists’ audience growth and career trajectory in one place. We believe this will become an essential tool for indie artists who are growing their career and building a fan base as well as for talent seekers who are trying to predict ticket sales and concert attendance.

The Estimated Local Fan Base draws data from an artists social media in a way that is totally unique to Gigmor. Our engineering team developed an accurate way of counting how many fans that artist has in their own city. They also went one step further and developed a way to tell how many fans that artist has in the Talent Seekers city.

Let’s use Junior227 GigScore for example.

  • Junior227 is a Pro Member.
  • Lives in Denver. 
  • Below ‘Estimated Local Fanbase’ you will see ‘Artist Location.’ 
  • To the right, is ‘My Location’ which is where you are located.
  • Toggle between both to see the difference in the local audience estimate.

In his location, he has an Estimated Fanbase of 60. In LA, it’s 412.  Pretty cool information to have in your arsenal, right? Take a look around Gigmor and you’ll find some pretty amazing artists with some really high scores. Scores that will, hopefully, make booking easier and more reliable for you!  

We’re already planning to add more functionality to what we hope is an essential tool, so stay tuned! To check out how big your local fanbase is, just head to your public profile and click the GigScore tab.


Team Gigmor

From the archive: How to book shows

booking agent

No booking agent required: Introducing the gigs marketplace

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Gigmor’s new live music marketplace. Our mission is to develop innovative technology that addresses inefficiencies in the music business. We started by matching musicians with compatible players in their area. Today, we added a crucial element: connecting independent artists to paying gigs without a booking agent. The Gigmor network now has 50,000 artists who have played at over 1,500 venues in the US and Canada.

Our team has been working tirelessly to build the new site. It’s a next generation booking platform focused on helping talent seekers find and book qualified talent.

For Talent Seekers

A talent seeker is anyone looking to hire musicians. The number of talent seekers has grown significantly over the past few years. Traditionally, talent seekers were professionals at music clubs. More recently, however, non-traditional talent seekers have entered the marketplace. These talent seekers are small business owners, retail and mixed-use spaces, gyms, private event planners and much more. These talent seekers evaluate artists differently then their professional counterparts. The booking process is also different.

Talent seekers can now publish gig posts. Gig posts describe the time and date of the gig as well as artist requirements. Artists can apply to these gig posts to be considered for the gig. Talent seekers can evaluate the artist’s application which includes music, social media and gigging history.

All members can track the posting and booking activity of other members by ‘following’ them. We’ll soon be adding robust analytics tools that will help quantify emerging artists’ fan bases by city or region.

2020 Update: Each artist profile now contains a proprietary metric titled GigScore. GigScore is a measure of an artists progress on social media. It also includes an estimate for an artists local fan base. This is, obviously, a game changing feature for talent buyers. Learn more here.

For Artists

Unsigned artists can, finally, book their own shows without a booking agent! Performance opportunities can be found on the gigs page. Getting booked is as easy as clicking apply. The artist profile is a fully featured EPK (electronic press kit) with every piece of information a talent seeker would need to book an artist.

Artists can also make Avail posts. An Avail post is simply an artist’s availability for a block of dates.

Be Your Own Booking Agent

We are making the booking process easy for both experienced talent buyers and newcomers. As a result, more live performance opportunities are being created for independent artists.

We’re super stoked about the new site and only getting started. We have a ton of game changing enhancements in the works.

How to book your own shows

Find bands, SoundCloud integration & more updates

Finding bands and booking gigs is now much easier thanks to all the hard work from the Gigmor team! We just launched a bunch of enhancements to the site and more are on the way.  See below for more details and for tips on how to use the new features. Questions, comments or suggestions? Email us at info@gigmor.com. We’d love to hear from you.

New Look

We’ve been rolling out our new design in stages over the past few months and we’re proud to say we just completed that process. The new site has a cleaner look to make it easier for you to find what you need and connect with Gigmor artists and industry pros. It’s also a much better experience on mobile.

Find Bands

It’s now much easier to find bands and send them a booking message with the Message button on every artist profile. This is just a first step toward launching our gigs marketplace later this fall. Individuals and industry pros can now fill out a one-step form with details about a gig opportunity, including event type, pay and more. Gigmor artists will get a Booking Inquiry message and email right away. So, bandleaders watch your inbox!


Switch to SoundCloud

Gigmor now only accepts music through SoundCloud. In a few months we will no longer display music on your profile from any other sources so we highly recommend opening a SoundCloud account and connecting it to your Gigmor profile right away. Here’s how:

  1. Create a SoundCloud account by clicking here.
  2. Upload songs to your SoundCloud profile.
  3. Log in to Gigmor and connect your SoundCloud account to your Gigmor profile. To do this go to settings > scroll down to manage connected accounts > click on edit SoundCloud and paste the URL of your SoundCloud profile (ex: https://soundcloud.com/gigmor). Remember to click save after making any changes.
  4. On Gigmor go to settings > edit profile info > and scroll down to the section manage media. Click the button that says “Manage Soundcloud” and from there you can add the URL for any songs uploaded to your SoundCloud account. After you have copy and pasted the link click the + button to add that track to your profile then remember to click save to update your changes!
  5. From here you can edit which songs you want to be displayed on your profile, and you can always go back to make changes to the songs you show.

Add Your Address

We just greatly enhanced our location database. Now we need members’ street addresses, as well as city and zip. This means you’ll get faster and more accurate results in both matching and search. Click here to update your location now.


Coming Soon

This is just the beginning… Our mission is to make finding gigs and finding bands much easier. The whole world loves music so our dream is to make it easier than ever to hire live bands. Stay tuned for more news about our upcoming gigs marketplace.

Interested in joining our beta? Click here to get on our beta list.

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