Drake – Cynical Worldview & “Fake Love”

Soft-boy Drake is back. In his confused, bad relationship-ridden, “love is so fake and girls are using my wi-fi for their girl-on-girl brawls,” Drake has given again. He dropped his newest single, “Fake Love,” this morning with a marimba-like production and message reminiscent of “Hotline Bling,” that brought more Spotify streams than ever before.

The production is so similar to “Hotline Bling” that you’re left wondering and confused: is this a sequel situation from a soft-boy trying to recover from his recent break-up from the hottest girl on the internet? Unsure, but as a loving fan was waiting for something a little more raw, a little something that reminds us all less of the “you called me on my cellphone.” It’s all to reminiscent, and it always has been for Drake. Something new, for him, always seemed a little too far away from the Apple Music deal he has just recently locked in. Infectious, well-produced pop music is always undeniably good. It’s a constant for our current amalgamation of musical nothingness to play with, dance with, and get intimate with before something similar comes around. Here’s the newest from our favorite Canuck:

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