Spotlight: Who’s On 3rd

Today’s spotlight is on LA up and comers Who’s On 3rd. The reason I chose to focus on Who’s On 3rd was that their message really stood out to me; Who’s On 3rd wants to make the people dance. They want to get you movin’ and groovin’. Their unique blend of electronica, rock, pop, and dance music is sure to make some feet move and butts shake.


Hailing from New Jersey, brothers Mike and Keith Cunningham alongside long time friend Chris Halliwell moved out to Los Angeles in 2014 to continue doing what they love most; writing music and jamming out. Their influences include The Eagles, The Beach Boys, The Beatles.


Ranging from upbeat to more chill, all their music truly is “feel-good” and makes you want to escape to an island somewhere in the Caribbean. Check out their debut self-produced album “Sojourner” below and make sure to shoot them a follow on Gigmor. Can’t wait to see what else Who’s On 3rd has in store for us!


Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner