Toronto’s Alternative Hip-Hop Collective Earthphonics

Today’s spotlight is on experimental alternative hip-hop group Earthphonics. The band is an eclectic group of three talented musicians who are from three different parts of the world. Earthphonics does a great job integrating their different musical styles to create one consistent, worldly sound. Check out their video for their single “Heartbeat” below, which really shows off their raw passion, and energetic talent.


Earthphonics consists of rapper/songwriter AO Gorman, lead vocalist Nicki Mack, and guitarist and producer Paul J. Doron. The members are from Ghana, Slovakia, and Poland respectively. Between the three extraordinary musicians, Earthphonics finds a way to channel a voice that isn’t always heard in modern hip-hop these days. They want to focus on the language that is music and how we can use it everyday to communicate with others more effectively. The group has done a lot of self-promotion to accompany their many performances across the Toronto, Ontario area. Check out their newest song, which was released yesterday, titled “One.”


Lastly, enjoy their behind the scenes video for their performance at Landmark Showcase in May 2016, where they won the semi-finals and will be advancing to the final round. It will take place on August 27th at the Mod Club in Toronto. Looking to buy tickets for the final round of the Landmark Showcase? Click here.  Make sure to follow them on Gigmor for more music and updates on Earthphonics!


Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner