bruno mars

Bruno Mars is a national treasure

Bruno Mars

Think of the songs and artists that the next generation of listeners are going to love. Imagine what music your hypothetical child will run over to you in a wave of excited discovery.

“Did you listen to this when it came out? Did you know about him? Did you love them, too? Did you see what he was doing here?”

My hypothetical kid is incredibly deep, apparently. It’s an interesting imagination: thinking about what is going to leave the public’s popularity and what is going to stay. Bruno Mars is going to stay, and I’m sure of it. Nothing in today’s musical schema is such pristine pop music.

Bruno has a three octave tenor range. Mixing pop with reggae with R&B and sometimes soul and hiphop, he hasn’t missed a step yet. He dips and dives into production styles that feel infallible in their ability to excite. Bruno’s SNL performance last night reminded us all of the power in this man’s five foot three frame. He is our smaller CeeLo Green. He is picking up where “Brick House” left off. A pop artists who is truly deserving of the title. His SNL performance is below:

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