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Gigmor Acquires Gig Booking App, Canary

I’m proud to share that Gigmor has acquired Canary, a best-of-breed gig booking platform and mobile app for iOS and Android. This acquisition will enable a more seamless booking process for venues and talent seekers as well as offer a mobile app for Gigmor artists.

Artist booking is a core functionality of Gigmor and this acquisition will bring new features and efficiencies to our talent seeker workflow. Calendar management and artist booking, among other features, will see enormous improvements. For a closer look, head to

The new mobile app represents a huge leap forward in online gig booking. It’s also an important milestone in Gigmor’s history. Making the booking process easy and accessible to artists all over the world has always been our goal. Putting Gigmor in the pockets of millions of independent artists and their fans is an important step in that journey.

We’re thrilled to be working with Canary founder, Nick O’Hara, as we work to integrate the two platforms. We expect a quick integration so stay tuned to the blog for news and updates. We look forward to welcoming Canary artists and venues to Gigmor!

-David Baird

Founder and CEO

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Gigmor & SoundCloud

SoundCloud + Gigmor Partnership Special Offer!

We’re thrilled to announce that Gigmor and SoundCloud have launched an exciting live music partnership! SoundCloud, the world’s largest streaming site for independent artists, has chosen Gigmor as their exclusive live music partner to help their over 25M artist members play more. With that exciting news, we’re offering SoundCloud Pro Unlimited Members a 20% discount on Gigmor Pro ($7.99/mo vs. $9.99/mo).

Gigmor Pro members get exclusive access to gigs, direct messaging with venues and industry pros and promotion to a growing database of music fans. Gigmor artist profiles are next-generation EPKs that include music, videos, social media accounts, estimated local audience (GigScore), previous and upcoming gigs and more. Take advantage of our SoundCloud Special Offer now! 

If you’re NOT already a Soundcloud Pro Unlimited member, for a limited time you can upgrade for a 30% discount. Now is the perfect time to get both of these great services for two great prices. Upgrade today to get started!

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help. Also, make sure to check out for more music industry news and tips on how to make the most of your Gigmor membership!

Rock On, 

Team Gigmor 

Gigmor & SoundCloud

Gigmor Partners with SoundCloud

We’re thrilled to announce that Gigmor and SoundCloud have launched a marketing partnership. SoundCloud is the world’s largest streaming site for independent artists and will promote Gigmor as their exclusive live music partner.

With 65,000 artists and 2,500 venues, Gigmor is the leading marketplace for booking live music in North America. Since launching in 2017, Gigmor has booked thousands of artists at a wide variety of venues and private events.

David Baird, Gigmor founder and CEO, says, “We’re proud to be working with one of the most innovative firms in music—one that has launched so many artists’ careers. Adding millions of SoundCloud artists to our service will accelerate our growth because it helps us offer venues what they need most: talented musical artists who can perform live and bring a crowd.”

As part of the deal, Gigmor will offer SoundCloud Pro Unlimited members a 20% discount ($7.99/mo vs. $9.99/mo) to Gigmor’s Pro subscription.

Gigmor Pro members get exclusive access to gigs, direct messaging with venues and industry pros and Gigmor promotes their gigs to their growing database of music fans. Gigmor artist profiles are a best-of-breed EPK and include music, videos, social media accounts, estimated local audience (GigScore), previous and upcoming gigs and more.

If you’re an artist, click here to learn more on how to take advantage of this special offer.

For more information, contact

David Baird 

DJ Booking

DJ Booking

DJ booking on Gigmor is fast, easy and free. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to market a business or to create a memorable party. If you run your own venue, you already know the ins and outs of this specific type of talent booking. However, if this is your first go at DJ booking it can be a confusing and time consuming process. Here are a few tips to make the experience a little easier, more fun and more creative on your part.

Create a post

If you Google “DJ booking” you’ll get thousands of results for individual DJ websites. Clicking through each one of these links, one by one, is probably the worst ways to get started. When you create a post on Gigmor you can specify exactly what genres of music you want played, how long the set should be and what your budget is. Reviewing applications is easy and you can book the right DJ with a single click. For more info on how to create a post or signup for a talent seeker account, check out our last blog post.

Listen to full mixes

Let’s say you’ve created your post and are now receiving applications from DJs in your area. How do you decide who to book? Most DJs will have at least one “DJ mix” in their music library. The mix will give you an idea of not only what kind of music they play but also how good they are at mixing songs together.

Beatmatching, or transitioning from one song to the next without any interruption to the drum beat, can be automated, so don’t be fooled by a technically competent mix. Instead, pay attention to the ‘energy’ of the whole mix. Is there a dynamic quality to the mix that would make the crowd excited at some points and more relaxed at others. Think about what kind of mood you want to set in your space and judge accordingly. 


You may or may not want your DJ to be able to take requests. Make sure you ask beforehand. If a DJ is applying to play at a private party or event, chances are they are absolutely fine with taking requests from the crowd and are most likely expecting it. Don’t take it for granted though. Some DJ’s are not prepared for requests and have taken great care in deciding what music to play. Just put in your post that you want to be able to make requests during their set, and you’ll be good to go!

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any DJ booking tips of your own at!

Featured Artists

Featured Artists: October 2019

Every day, bookers, promoters and event planners across the country discover and book Gigmor artists on our platform. To celebrate the amazing musicians on our site, we’ll be highlighting a curated sample of some of our favorite Gigmor Pro artists to those industry pros each month. If you want to be included as a Gigmor Featured Artist, make sure to update your profile with new music and videos. Then shoot us an email at to let us know if you’re ready to be highlighted and promoted to thousands of talent seekers ready to discover YOU!  

Without further ado, here are the Gigmor Featured Artists for October 2019!


Piper Hays 
Los Angeles, California 
Americana, Blues, Indie
Featured artists - Piper Hays

Frank Bell 
New York, New York 
Folk, Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Featured artists - frank bell

Bron Burbank
Round Rock, Texas 
Country, Rock
Featured artists - Bron Burbank

Swivel Tactic
Los Angeles, California 
Pop, Reggae, Rock
featured artists - swivel tactic

To stay on top of new gigging opportunities, make sure to login into Gigmor regularly and head to the gigs page! We get killer new gigs EVERY DAY!  

And don’t forget to update your profile and forward it to to be selected for next months featured artists!  

Rock On! Team Gigmor 

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