Spotlight on Vancouver’s Untitled Sequence

The first Gigmor spotlight of the week is on Canadian Alt-Rock band Untitled Sequence. Formed by four British Columbia Institute of Technology students and friends, Untitled Sequence is currently working on their 10 track album hopefully to be finished by the end of 2016. Though primarily an Alternative rock band, the four piece cites having Folk, Blues, and Psychadelic influences.


Untitled Sequence is led by vocalist Sean Lyons who, we interestingly found out, cannot whistle. On drums is Brandon Wright, alongside Dan Keen on guitar, and Trevor North on bass. The group would frequent the Railway Club, an iconic 85 year old venue in Vancouver that was shut down in late 2015. Although a pretty experimental band, Untitled Sequence is known for their consistent energy at their shows that they claim is unforgettable.


Personally, I thought these guys had a really unique sound. The two songs that really stood out were “Josie” and “Harpoon,” both smooth, relaxing belters that are honestly great driving jams– think long highway type deal. Check out their live version of their track “A Perfect Nothingness” below and be sure to check out Untitled Sequence’s page to shoot them a follow on Gigmor.



Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner

Spotlight: Who’s On 3rd

Today’s spotlight is on LA up and comers Who’s On 3rd. The reason I chose to focus on Who’s On 3rd was that their message really stood out to me; Who’s On 3rd wants to make the people dance. They want to get you movin’ and groovin’. Their unique blend of electronica, rock, pop, and dance music is sure to make some feet move and butts shake.


Hailing from New Jersey, brothers Mike and Keith Cunningham alongside long time friend Chris Halliwell moved out to Los Angeles in 2014 to continue doing what they love most; writing music and jamming out. Their influences include The Eagles, The Beach Boys, The Beatles.


Ranging from upbeat to more chill, all their music truly is “feel-good” and makes you want to escape to an island somewhere in the Caribbean. Check out their debut self-produced album “Sojourner” below and make sure to shoot them a follow on Gigmor. Can’t wait to see what else Who’s On 3rd has in store for us!


Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner

Best Cover Videos of the Week

We want to encourage Gigmor members to upload all sorts of videos. Whether it’s videos of you and your buddies jamming in your own home, a recording of your band playing a gig, an official music video, or even just you riffing out in front of your laptop camera. Gigmor wants to see what you’ve got! Today we’re releasing a list of our favorite users that make us say “Wow that was a hell of a cover!” Keep uploading videos and maybe you’ll be featured on our next list.


First, we have Juan Guajardo-Soberón, a multi-talented musician from Mission, TX. Juan has a ton of covers to choose from but the one that stood out was his drum cover of Green Day’s “Jesus of Suburbia.” Obviously this one is a little long (Green Day and their Damned Rock Opera Ballads…) but stick through it–this kid has skills.



Second, we have Trevor Robinson, a classically trained bassist from Dallas, TX. Trevor does a looping rendition of MGMT’s hit “Kids.” This is really impressive, as it’s all in one take. Check out Trevor’s other covers and originals on his Gigmor page.



Lastly, we have Paul Sullivan, better known to the music world as Mixed Media. Paul loves playing 70s and 80s classics down in Tampa and today we have a video that seriously showcases his talents. Paul Sullivan performs a massive medley of “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Dancing In The Moonlight,” “The Way,” and “Comfortably Numb.” Paul loves to play his covers, and it’s pretty apparent after crushing these four. Make sure you check out his Mixed Media page on Gigmor.



Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner

Spotlight: The Green View from Austin, TX

In the next few weeks, we will be highlighting multiple growing Gigmor Bands by introducing them to our users alongside showcasing some of their best work. Our first Spotlight piece is on The Green View.


The Green View is an Americana rock band that was formed in 2002 in the town of, yup you guessed it, Greenview, Illinois. For the past couple years they have been based in Austin where they frequent the popular dive bar Hole in the Wall as well as playing shows all across the Lone Star state. The Green View loves to write and loves to play their originals during their performances.


My favorite track is “I Want My Baby Back.” No this isn’t a Chili’s jingle but I promise you’ll like it just as much. A couple other standout tracks include “Monster,” “Rock It,” and “In Need of an Exit.”


In 2013, the band actually filmed a cameo for the feature film “High on the Hog” which is directed by esteemed writer and director Joe Esteves. The film is still in post-production but we can’t wait to see what The Green View has in store for us in their on-screen debut.


Check out their artist page here.


Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner

Gigmor’s Favorite Videos of the Month

One of our favorite things about Gigmor is that it gives fans a digestible visual aesthetic that lets anyone see the complete layout of all their favorite Gigmor artist’s work. This means users can access music (obviously), level of expertise, show dates, who their fans are, and much much more all from their artist profile. We want our users to have one complete visualization for each of the artist’s profiles.

One trend we have noticed recently is bands and artists uploading their live acts and music videos to their profiles. Let’s peep at a few of the best videos on Gigmor as of today, keep uploading people and maybe you’ll be featured next time. These videos stood out not just because we liked the tune, but because of the energy and passion the artists show in that performance. Make sure to shoot these artists a follow after watching their vids! Hope you enjoy.


NewKid— Old Fool (Kill Dem Wit Kindness)



Untitled Sequence–Trust Issues (Live at the Princeton Pub)

Earthphonics— Heartbeat (In Studio Performance)

Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner