Product Update: Gig Booking Calendar

We’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out the first of many Gigmor product updates that will make booking and accepting gigs MUCH easier! We’re adding several new features requested by YOU – our members – enhancing this already invaluable booking tool. Here’s a short video that shows everything you need to know.

Venue/Talent Seeker accounts now feature a Booking Calendar as the central dashboard for all their booking activity.

One Click Booking!

When a Talent Seeker clicks a date on their calendar, they can send a booking request directly to Gigmor members OR any artist via email. That means Talent Buyers can easily make booking offers to any artist in the world.

Booking requests include date, time, venue, pay and all other information the artist needs to decide whether or not to accept the gig. It also gives the Talent Seeker an easy visual to organize their booking activity, see what dates need to be filled and keep track of contacts, revenue and more.

Gig posts are not going away. Artists can still apply to gigs and Talent Seekers will still be able to publish  new posts and accept bookings via the Gigs Page.

We have a lot more in the pipeline so get ready for more news shortly! 

Rock On, 

Team Gigmor

Gigmor acquires gig booking app, Canary