billy boat

Gigmor Pro New Releases: Billy BOAT – “7 Hot Springs”

Billy BOAT is a Brooklyn-born, Georgia-raised rapper based out of Queens, New York. Billy told us he’s been rapping since age 11 and released his first release all the way back in 2011 under the name J. Fraser. Since then, he has rebranded as Billy BOAT (Billy = GOAT, BOAT = Baddest of All Time). Graduating from Yale University in 2020, he’s done everything from performing in his college dorm room to opening a local nightclub for internet personality and rapper Yvng Swag.

Billy BOAT describes his artist style as party music that makes you think. After growing up listening to Outkast, Kanye West, MF Doom, and Metaphor, Billy has “Broken free from those inspirations as of late and now working on making a unique style specific to me and where I want to go.” 

On his recent release titled “7 Hot Springs”, he says the song is a “Dreams and Nightmares-esque in the sense that it’s a slow build — I start by talking about my unsuccessful life and face the truths of who I was head on. However, the song quickly picks up as I show listeners who I am now and where I’m going while inviting anyone willing to join me on my journey. There’s also a bit of a political twist, but I leave that to listeners to figure out. Really, it’s a summer track perfect for the beach, in the car, at a party, or to silently contemplate on your own; each line in the song has a multitude of meanings that can be further expanded on.”