K. cero

Gigmor Pro New Releases: K. Cero – Body

K. Cero is in the midst of creating a new music project he hopes to release in the upcoming year. For his recent song “Body”, the artist tells us the inspiration comes from being “Stuck at home during the quarantine period of 2020, and missing the feeling of going out and being around people. That’s why I say in the hook that ‘I wanna feel your body, and we ain’t gotta tell nobody’. [The song comes from] the idea of having to sneak and be secretive about seeing someone during that quarantine period. I also wanted to make a song that listeners could have fun and dance to once everything returned to some kind of normal.”

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Mac Miller, Kanye West, Kehlani, and Giveon, you can clearly see the similarities in “Body.”

In the near future, K.Cero hopes to perform more in the Los Angeles area, and adds “With the help of Gigmor, I know those opportunities will come.” 

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