5 Practical Music Marketing Tips for Artists Who Want to Get Noticed

Practical Music Marketing Tips for Artists Who Want to Get Noticed

As an artist living in this day-and-age, you have more at your disposal than ever before. It’s too easy to believe that you are living in the “wrong era.” What’s harder is to understand that you are actually living in the best era to be an artist EVER.

If you are struggling to get your music heard, there may be a couple of avenues that you have been ignoring. With the cost-of-entry so low, there is now absolutely no reason not to! Follow these music marketing tips to get your music heard.

1. Quantity

As an artist, naturally you are a perfectionist. You don’t want to release anything unless it is “perfect”. You don’t want to post anything because you feel like it’s “not ready.” This is understandable. But if you are an artist who wants to heard, you have to post often. This doesn’t necessarily mean posting subpar content. This just means become more aware that the more you post, the more likely your posts will be seen. It is a skill in itself to be able to post 2-3 TikToks a day, while still maintaining the quality and creativity that you desire. Just takes some work!

2. TikTok

If you are an artist who is trying to get noticed and you are not on TikTok, what are you doing? TikTok (not that we need to tell you this) has absolutely blown up this year and it is the go-to social media platform for many musicians now. This is because TikTok is still at an early enough stage where it still has true organic reach, i.e – you can blow much easier and much faster than you can on the other platforms. One video that took you 30 seconds to make and upload can garner 1 million likes just like that. Get on TikTok and post TODAY. 

3. Instagram/Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are a pay-to-play game. The more you put in, the more return you will see. Lucky for you, it does not cost much to play. With a $30 promotion budget, you can get your post in front of thousands of people. This is a great tool to utilize when you have a single that you are trying to promote or when you have a new cover that you are trying to get noticed and have a couple of extra bucks to spare. Next time you post, just click the “promote” button, specify your target audience, and you’re off!

4. Spotify Playlist Submissions

Let’s say you have a single releasing next month. Once you’ve submitted your single to be released on Spotify, there is an additional tool you can utilize. Once you sign up for Spotify for Artists, you have the ability to pitch your upcoming release to the Spotify team and have the ability to be featured on their playlists. When you login to Spotify for Artists, just click the “pitch song” button under the Upcoming Releases section. These playlist curators take a look through a couple of questions you answer about your release, obviously as well as listen to it, and you have the potential to be featured on emerging playlists. Spotify playlists are a great way to get discovered, so do not ignore this tool! You can submit your music to be considered for Gigmor’s Spotify playlist here.

Follow Gigmor’s Spotify Playlist

5. Engage with your Audience

It isn’t enough these days to just create and share. It is important to also engage with your community. All those comments on your last Instagram post that you did not reply to, go back and engage with those people that showed you love. All those TikTok musicians that you just scrolled past, go back and leave a comment telling them you respect their craft. Engaging with the music community is all ROI positive. 

Since we’re all at home, there is really no excuse for not going live on Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitch. Live stream weekly and sing some songs for your audience. This is a great way for your followers (and potential followers) to feel like they are in the room with you!

Now you have some practical music marketing tips, so go out there, create, and promote! 

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