Gigmor Announces Partnership with Place

We’re excited to announce that Gigmor has partnered with Place, a platform that provides artists with the tools you need to own your social ecosystem, engage your audience and foster community.

Lady Gaga created a social network to connect with her fans. One million fans on Littlemonsters regularly interact with Lady Gaga and with each other, receive special access to tickets, enter fan art contests and share their love of not only Lady Gaga, but also favorite causes.

Place is offering up their cutting edge platform to all Gigmor artists…for FREE!

For artists, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are distribution networks. Place helps you leverage the reach of these platforms with superior data and analytics to drive in-depth interactions with your fan base and start capturing more of the value that you create. It is the best free fan club platform available to artists.

Place enables artists to engage in two-way communication with fans via email and social sharing tools, recognize and reward super fans, premiere new music, sell subscriptions to content, boost merch and ticket sales with crowd-sourced contests and so much more.

Try Place for free by visiting or emailing