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Being the Slickrock to your TikToks: 3 Tips to Engage with your Audience

Being the Slickrock to your TikToks: 3 Tips to Successfully Engage with your Audience

While a large portion of the world relies on social interfaces like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, there’s no questioning how much TikTok has transformed since the start of the pandemic. While users are maintaining their communication & entertainment needs through their social handles, they’re also looking for new ways to stay engaged amidst a lockdown. Let’s be real, here…you can only sit at home for so long and TikTok proves itself to be one of those new ways. As TikTok transfigures media engagement amongst communities of all sorts — from social circles to small businesses and large corporations — users are figuring out the best tactics that keep their fans engaged. Here are some of the best TikTok tips we personally find appealing when it comes to interacting with your followers: 

Keeping it light, casual, and interpersonal. 

– TikTok is meant to not only as a short-dance, comedy, and talent platform but as a social & community platform, as well. This platform generates a space where users can simply share their humor, creativity, and ideas with their fanbase. By combining your talents & ideas with personal content, you can find yourself engaging with your followers more easily compared to when you’re plotting everything word-for-word. The perks of using this app: you don’t need a fancy camera or a large production team to make the best videos. Rather than focusing on perfectionism, being yourself makes it more enticing for the viewer(s) to stay engaged. You build a personal connection that way!

Plan a skit around your song before you go live!

– This gives you more time to review the concepts you want to focus on around your video(s). Maybe center your video around a song you made and create a catchy dance/skit that revolves around it. You can attempt to create some light choreography that makes your song danceable. By planning around these specific concepts, not only are you promoting your work as well as building up your personal brand, but you can also keep your fans engaged while having fun with it at the same time!

Reward your audience!

– As you continuously engage with your audience through your chat/comment feature, you can focus on giveaway participation. By doing so, this can help you maintain the retention of your fanbase moving forward. Although it’s always important to be focusing on your accomplishments, it’s also good to acknowledge the support of your fanbase, as well. And what better way to say “thank you” than to give out prizes? This can range to one-on-one virtual VIP meet-ups, to ticket giveaways to your next virtual performance!

Although it’s always good to focus on bettering improving your personal brand, it’s just as important to have fun with it. As you create your content, we suggest not overthinking the concept. When you’re using the app, you’re simply there to have fun! We hope that you find these suggestions useful and that it’ll bring out the “slickrock” into your TikToks.

If you have any other tips & suggestions on how to make TikTok videos more engaging, feel free to comment down below! In the meantime, you can check out our new official TikTok here @gigmorofficial.

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