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Happy New Year from all of us at Gigmor! Today we’re happy to announce that we’re over 85% toward our goal of $500,000 in our crowdfunding campaign! Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to our StartEngine campaign so far! Please help us reach the finish line by spreading the word!

We’re committed to building the world’s biggest, and best, musician and gig marketplace. So expect to see some really cool features launching soon. To help you get the most out of Gigmor right now, here’s a refresher on the most common questions about how to find musicians and bands.

When Do I Get New Matches?

We look for new matches every time you log in, when you switch profiles when you’re online and every Sunday night. We work overnight—well some of our team does. Seriously!

Why Aren’t I Getting Any New Matches?

Remember: the maximum number of matches is 40 so if you’re at the maximum, make sure to delete old or irrelevant matches to free up room for new ones.

Make sure all the genres you play are listed in your profile. If all you play is Latin Jazz, that’s fine, but you’ll find more musicians if you diversify a little.

I’m not Getting Any New Matches For My Band. Why?

Make sure your band profile lists one or more Required Instruments. We only match musicians who play the instrument you’re looking for. Musicians are matched with all local musicians except those who play the same instrument as them.

Why Dating Sites Use Matching

We know a lot of musicians still use craigslist—stubborn folks, those!—but matching is, plain and simple, a superior technology for connecting people based on compatibility. It’ll save you time—and headaches. It just takes a few minutes to complete or revise your profile then we do the searching for you.

We want to be your go-to site as you grow your musical career—or pursue music as a passion. So we’re working hard every day to earn your loyalty. We want to hear from you so keep sending us feedback. You are our most important asset!

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