40 Musicians Collaborate on Bill Withers “Lean On Me” Cover

40 Musicians Collaborate on Bill Withers “Lean On Me” Cover

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For fans of legendary soul singer Bill Withers, there are few sounds as memorable as the descending bassline of Just The Two Of Us, the staccato clav of Use Me, or the uplifting piano intro of Lean On Me.

It was that piano riff and the powerful message of Lean On Me that led myself and 40 musicians to “get together” the only way we could right now — in song.

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I had the pleasure of putting together a music video in light of this coronavirus pandemic; a way for musicians to virtually collaborate and create something uplifting. Coincidentally, it was released on March 25, just 5 days prior to Bill’s passing. 

Watch our 40-singer cover of Bill Withers’ classic Lean On Me 


The video was a “thank you” to the local community in Indianapolis, IN for their support of bands and musicians over 100’s of lost gigs. The booking agency I work with, Blonde Entertainment, started an official Facebook fundraiser on March 17th when it was official that none of the 150+ gigs would be happening in March (now April).

++ Still Losing Gigs From the Lockdown? 

Since then, over 100 contributors have close to $9,000 with support from local fans and even other musicians. These funds will be sent to each band (commission free of course) to supplement some of the income lost from the pandemic. 

The post from Blonde Entertainment to its supporters reads: “We are so grateful to this wonderful music community for helping us bring some joy to all of you during these trying times. Enjoy and share and know that all things are possible through the gift of music. We will all get through this.”

As we bid farewell to another music legend, my encouragement to you today is also that we will get through this! The pandemic will end and there will be gigs, tours, festivals, and parties again. Until then, let’s take this opportunity to connect with our families and our fans in whatever ways we can.

If your schedule has freed up even a little, try to set aside some time to create (or in some cases finish something)… 

— That song you started.

— That riff you looped and never wrote to. 

— Those verses you never finished.

There are thousands of people online right now that would love to connect with your music the same way generations have done so with Bill’s songs. It’s true that most things are shutdown or locked down at the moment, but there are a lot less gatekeepers between you and your audience now.

You Got This.

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