Gigmor’s Favorite Videos of the Month

One of our favorite things about Gigmor is that it gives fans a digestible visual aesthetic that lets anyone see the complete layout of all their favorite Gigmor artist’s work. This means users can access music (obviously), level of expertise, show dates, who their fans are, and much much more all from their artist profile. We want our users to have one complete visualization for each of the artist’s profiles.

One trend we have noticed recently is bands and artists uploading their live acts and music videos to their profiles. Let’s peep at a few of the best videos on Gigmor as of today, keep uploading people and maybe you’ll be featured next time. These videos stood out not just because we liked the tune, but because of the energy and passion the artists show in that performance. Make sure to shoot these artists a follow after watching their vids! Hope you enjoy.


NewKid— Old Fool (Kill Dem Wit Kindness)



Untitled Sequence–Trust Issues (Live at the Princeton Pub)

Earthphonics— Heartbeat (In Studio Performance)

Written by Gigmor guest blogger: Ari Kapner